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Default I Need A DigiLink Cable

Don't laugh, but the supplied 12 foot cable is rediculous for my setup. The computer is next to my 96 I/O. It is a huge ball of tie-wraps and dust bunnies. I noticed in the manual that all 96 I/O come supplied with an 18 inch long "DigiLink Cable." I ran up to my loft and there it was. It worked. Well almost. I had to pull things this way and that way, and the result is it works, but that thing is pulled taut.

The only cables that AVID sells are bigger to gigantic in length. Seeing that half of HD system owners probably have an extra cable, maybe someone can help. They can't (I hope) make every one exactly the same. My cable measures exactly 18-5/8 from connector edge to connector edge. The maximum, over-all length. Does anyone out there have one that is significantly longer, say 19 or more inches?
Mike Stosich
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