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Default Re: Sound Editing in ProTools LE

Currently on a PC, the only option for displaying your movie on a separate monitor is to use a dual head video card. I use an ATI 7500 All-In-Wonder that allows me to connect a standard television to the second head. I then set up the Windows Display Properties to extend my desktop to the TV. When you load your movie in Pro-Tools just move the screen over to the TV. You can play around with the resolution of the TV (also in display properties) to adjust the size of your picture (I'd start with a 640x480). I'm looking forward to the day that Digi includes the Firewire output option for Windows. In the meantime, this works just fine.

FYI, in case you didn't already know, Pro-Tools on a PC does not require a Quicktime movie. You can use most any AVI that can be made in Premier, Vegas, or even Windows Movie Maker. When you load your movie just remember to select "All Files" in the files selector's drop down menu or else you won't see your AVI.

I frequently run 24 tracks, a ton of plug-ins, plus a movie, and neither Pro-Tools nor my CPU seem to be under even the slightest strain (average under 10% of CPU)

If you haven't bought your video card yet I'd recommend the Matrox P750. It has three heads: two for CRT's and one for standard television. Lots of real estate!

Enforce PC/Mac compatibility and select aiff when you "Save Copy In" and you should be able to open your sessions on any 6.0+ system. Maybe even 5.0 systems (?) - if you don't mind losing some things in the process.
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