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Default Re: Arturia servers down?

Originally Posted by simon.a.billington View Post
Dude, I'm in Australia. We may not have the tax, but the exchange rate is what kills us here. Roughly speaking the USD is x1.25, the EU x1.33 and the UK x1.5.

Thankfully I can get most things for US pricing, except IK, I'm paying bloody Euros for that. Although, with the JamPoints it works out to roughly a third off, so I get it for around the asking price. So that's a bit better.

Although NI sells using Aussie Dollars, so they tend to be the best value for the money from my given perspective.
With the falling aussie dollar, US dollar priced stuff is bad too.. and now we do have 10% tax on any download.. who said we didn't have tax? Devs that use share it incorporate it into the price, others add the 10% at checkout (like avid lol). Our dollar is 65 US cents now, that's terrible.. heat cost me like 350 in our currency with all conversion fees and currency is relative.. If i could get heat for 199 AU I would have been thrilled. We get it worse than *anyone* including the EU cause they seem to forget they have the world's strongest two currencies. NI and ableton rock cause they provide fair, tax inclusive prices. NI on the Black friday special to upgrade to komplete 12U from 11U was great and to go from live 9 suite to live 10 suite it was 225 AUD (now 299) but I didn't go for that as I don't use live any more (no need to with PT, it can do all the tempo sync stuff itself and that's all I ever used live for really.. could never use it or take it seriously as a DAW LOL cause of the PDC issue)..

Anyway, to get pigments will cost me over 100 AUD by the time PayPal or the CC company if i go direct, has their pound of conversion tariff flesh. That's whY i decided against it for now.. Since I had already bought Avenger a week prior, i don't really see the need.. This is why I can't upgrade my V collection 4.. almost 500 in our currency.. ludicrous to go from 4 to 7. Can't do it. I'd rather sub to ultimate for a year than do that to be honest!
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