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Default Re: Average Audio Peaks

'target loudness of -24LKFS with instantaneous audio peaks not exceeding -6dBFS with average peaks not exceeding -10dBFS'.
I have seen this type of spec before, but it's been a couple of years now. In my case, "Average peaks" really meant the upper most swings of a "VU meter", or "NBC meter", which is based on RMS measurements. (BTW, LKFS is also an RMS-based measurement.) If that's the case, you've got some room for dynamics by keeping the RMS meter reading at that and below. Or, it could be someone's request that the peak levels generally stay around -10dbfs with only an occassional hit going higher. If it is the latter, your dialog dynamics will need to be more restricted, but at least you've got room for some music or sfx hits above that. I'd try to get some clarification about what they mean by "average peaks".
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