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Default Re: Is yellow the new red?

I stay well below -10db myself. Depending on calibration, PT's 0dB is 14 to 18dB above 0dB on an analog meter. -6dB is not enough, not even close. Unless you don't care about overloading both your analog front end, as well as every plugin and buss that comes after it.

I don't consider yellow to be pre-clipping, I consider it already clipping. Not PT at that specific point, but the audio path before it, and especially after it. With the ability to do tons of makeup gain downstream, there's no reason whatsoever to push it at the individual track level. Especially when there are often so many tracks in many productions (this effect is extremely cumulative). On an analog meter, PT's -6dB is slammed against the top. Pegged. Tilt. Game over.

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