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Default Re: Structure 2.0.7. Samples not loaded.

Hi Greg. Thanks for the reply. The 7 Dvd are in the folder "Structure Encrypted Samples", that is sub-folder of "Structure Factory Libraries". In this folder there are the 7 DVD (non in wav but .big files). I've tryed to move the 7 DVD in the "Structure Factory Libraries" (where are the patch). Then delete the preferences and rescan and rebuild the DB. Some file works, others no. I think that there is a different problem. This happens when a try to open a second (or third) patch in the same structure istance.

For example i open i "fat kit XXL" (drum) on the patch 1, then i try to open another patch with "big finger bass" and at this time i receive a error of "missing file".

Sometime happens that, if i open several instances of structure (many instruments tracks, with one structure for each one, and ONE patch for each one) usually works fine (max 8 or 9 instance, then the problem reappears). But is strange because structure is engineered to work with a multiple pacths with the same istance (i think).

And each time the "missing files" are not the same. Sometimes could be the "big finger bass", sometimes "string sect legato vel"....etc.

I've 32 GB of ram on my mac...and i not think hardware problems. I don't know if is the version of PT. On line i've found this video : .

But i don't have a backup of old library. If someone have suggestions, thanks!
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