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Default Re: How many Pro Tools 10 users in 2019?

Originally Posted by ToneSetter View Post
How many of you guys are still using Pro Tools 10?
What are your reasons?
Do you feel the old technology is holding you back in any way? (like not being able to use new waves plugins, or that its 32bit and not 64bit, etc...)

I currently use Pro Tools 12 and my ProControl with Neyrincks V-Control Pro but am thinking about going back to PT10 so I can have full functionality of the ProControl again. I'm not really liking it in its crippled state with the V-Control software.

Thank you in advance for all input
You'll definitely be taking a step backwards going from PT12 to PT10. Functionality for one. If you really need a useful control surface you should look into something current.

Of more importance is you don't give any computer specs. Mac or PC? What operating system? etc. Also keep in mind that a lot of developers don't support 32 bit anymore so if you don't have your old installers then you are sol.
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