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Default .midname files won't load on MIDI tracks

i'm down the rabbit hole of trying to make articulation changes work with program changes.

i've created a custom .midname file-- which is actually not even working right, but that's a different issue (if anyone has a patch file editor for PC let me know, sucks CherryPicker is only for Mac)

i have an instrument track hosting VEP and several MIDI tracks running to it. When I try to open the custom .midname file, it opens on the instrument track, but i need it to load on the MIDI track. Is there a titling issue preventing PT from opening it?

I'm on PC running PT 2018.4 on Windows 10 (part of the reason I can't just use CherryPicker to make the .midname file)

I've read through the .midname sticky, unfortunately most of the info relevant to me is for Mac users
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