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Default Re: Physical RAM is running Low error

Originally Posted by notedmusic View Post
Not unless AVID gives me a refund or a free upgrade to PT 12 if it gets fixed.

They advertised it as compatible with each other, if it is not then they owe me for false advertisement/non-working product.
And yes I have everything documented and would gladly start a lawsuit because I've spent thousands of dollars and never had a stable session with these products together.

Running play alone has this memory issue and cpu crashing.

I'm always updating them and trying different things, but they've never worked well together. However, I paid for multiple support codes with AVID where they assured me that these are compatible and refused to do anything to help me situation.

First they claimed it was my hardware ( so I bought expensive hardware) - didn't fix the issue.
I got all SSDs and changed everything up. Every time they close my case before they fix anything and give a long list of usual suspects to do, all with no effect.
Does running Kontakt alone in Pro Tools cause the memory error? It never did here and I absolutely hammered it in Pro Tools. It worked so well I ended up with over 40 instances of Kontakt in Pro Tools in my template instead of VE Pro. The last update to PT11 and OSX10.10.5 were a golden combination IMO. Super-stable. However, Play has always caused me problems of one kind or another when hosted in Pro Tools. If I did need to use a Play library I hosted it in VE Pro were it works much better in my experience.
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