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Default Missing Audio Files in Session Copy


We are having an issue with two rigs at our studio. One is on PT 12 and the other on PT HD11. Both are creating session copies that when opened contain missing audio files. The odd thing is that you can relink by simply searching the audio files folder of the session choosing only 'by name.' This leads me to believe it's an issue with the file IDs. Sometimes it's one half of a stereo pair that is missing. It's all very odd.

The saving process is to highlight necessary tracks and to choose the save selected tracks as new session function.

This occurs in projects that were saving directly to the system drive and then transferred to a server, as well as those trsnsferrrd to an external hard drive. There doesn't seem to be much rationale behind it.

I think it can only be a file ID corruption issue since all the files do exist in the audio files folder. If anyone has experience with this issue, I'd love to hear some tactics for fixing it.

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