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Default Re: The Allenstein Quadzilla Machine

hello there, my quad was a bit more expensive.

Asus k8n-dl motherboard *

2 opteron 270 dual cpu's

2G of Corsair CM72SD1024RLP-3200 (1024MB Registered DDR400, 2 Ranks) (same as shan)**

ASUS EN6600/TD/256 Video card (same)

Western Digital SATA 74G Raptor hard drive for audio (same)

Western Digital Sata 250G hard drive partitioned for system and samples



ThermalTake Xaser V V7000 CASE *

***ThermalTake 600W Power Supply (have an ocz 520 on the way to replace it)

* Note about the case and cpu: the K8N-DL is an ATX Extended Mother Board. You must have a case that can fit this size MB, so research this before buying any old case.

** Note 2: The Ram must be in Dimm slots a_1 and a_3 if only using 2 sticks of ram. they must be matched pairs as well. Putting them in the wrong slots made my keyboard not work, usb or serial, and not want to boot in any way past a screen displaying the MB

*** Highly recomend not experimenting with power supplies. Both the Tyan and the Asus take an 8 Pin 12V conn. which the selection for these seems small at the moment. Yes i found this out the hard way.

002 Rack and PT V7.1 cs6, got 139 on the D-Verb Test and 24/48K

I dont use any pci cards except the video card. This board does not seem like it will sit many card comfortably, maybe 1 more full size PCI comfortably. The video card eats into the slot next to it and not sure if you could fit one in there, it would be very iffy, then the slot after it will fit one fine.

TRASHER Pro Tools Utility(updated 3-6-18)

HD Native, Avid 16x16, Eleven Rack, Focusrite Clarett 8preX, UA Quad Apollo TB.

Intel I7 6800k
Win 10
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