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Default Yahama-Steinberg UR44 and PT 12

I'm having trouble getting the UR44 to work on any other sample rate than 44.1kHz. Anyone know if the UR44 is even compatible with PT in general, before I waste a bunch more time with it? I'm working in PT 12.6.1 on a Windows 10 computer. I can bring up the UR44 ctrl panel, change the sample rate to 88.2 for some older sessions I have, check the Windows audio device panel for the UR44 and make sure the test button works for 88.2, and then launch an 88.2 session in PT. PT always brings up an error before trying to open the session that the audio device hasn't been configured properly. I've read the owner's manual on the UR44 and there's nothing that seems hard to understand. I would assume PT 12 is compatible but maybe not for version 12. Any ideas?
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