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Default Re: Will there be an Avid S2

Originally Posted by reichman View Post
This is all very speculative, but no. The Dock and an S1 is a killer combo. For users who understand how to use advanced automation, the Dock has dedicated buttons for all that for under $1k (!). It was just a few years ago that you needed a C|24 or an ICON to get those buttons. Avid has a great lineup. You can build a modular surface slowly over time. Start with an S1 and PT|Control and work up.

And moving faders on the iPad sucks, but it's still better than the mouse. And (this might sound funny) I own an S3 and once in a while I see the send that I want to move on the iPad screen and just tweak it there. Sometimes that's faster than spill/flip on the S3.
So you donít think it would suck less if the dock had 4 faders like my Artist Control? Cool
Granted they are a killer combo but I was talking about the dock on its own.
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