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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Status update to my previous post:
I should have mentioned the vi I was trying to host in Patchwork synth was the EW Play engine. Repeatedly the vst version would have the aforementioned problems with not passing both sides of the stereo signal whereas the au format was okay.

Turns out the problem is with Play and the library in use didn't matter. Symphonic Orchestra, Ra, etc, all had the same problem so it's the engine itself. I tried other multi-out vi's like Omnisphere 1, BFD3, Sampletank 3, etc. and both vst & au format versions of said vi worked just fine. I'm running the latest version of Play so who knows? Not going to try and chase it down with EW as I know from past experience they'll never be able to figure it out.

On a different note but still R11 related I saw over on the Reasontalk forum thread on R11 someone mentioned that the advanced MIDI routing section has been removed from the Rack. They didn't sat specifically but I'm taking it to mean it's been removed from the R11 plugin which if true sucks. Means you can't do like you can in Play, Kontakt or Sampletank where you load up a bunch of instruments and have them respond on different MIDI channels.
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