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Default Re: Will there be an Avid S2

I don't like the extra cable clutter either, but the benefit is that the system is modular. I often travel with just a Dock and leave the S3 behind. Sometimes just having an iPad with PT|Control is a huge help in a session. I've had Command 8s and 003s with blown power supplies, and the whole thing goes down.

You don't need a powerful, current generation iPad. Old ones work just fine. And the knobs on the Dock are great for tweaking plug-ins. The iPad on the Dock is mostly used for selecting what you are going to tweak, and then the knobs and fader are there for the actual work.

If you like the 003 or Command 8, you will find the Dock or Dock+S1 to be a big upgrade. The wheel on the 003 was mostly useless. On the Dock, it's constantly being used.
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