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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
Well, for Falcon, probably not. But, for many others there is good reason to consider it. For one thing, you can do things in the rack that you really just can't do any other way, or at least not easily. For example, CPU permitting, you could put 4 instances of say, Synape Audio Dune 3 in a Combinator, and create some cool, multilayered patches, controlled and/or modified with other various rack devices, all on 1 instrument track. To do that outside the rack you'd have to have multiple instrument tracks, and multiple instances of the rack etc. So, I can see some good use for that. Of course, if no one will create RE versions of their gear, then Reason hosting VSTs in any DAW would be the simpler solution!

I'll be curious to see what you hear back from BC Audio on that. I haven't had a chance to go into my studio to experiment with using multiple outs. I may do that and see what's what. Seems like I did something like that a long while back, but can't recall what I did exactly or which project it was on.
I heard back from Blue Cat and they pointed me to this webpage at PTE: It's a little difficult at first to follow but taking some time it kind of works. The reason I say kind of is that hosting a vst in Patchwork synth gives some errors in using multiple outs from a hosted vi (some outputs pass only one side of a stereo pair) but if I use au I don't have that issue (and all channels of the vi in use - EW Play) are stereo pairs . Remember that I'm on a Mac and have use of both vst and au plugins. Waiting to hear back on that.

As to Reason hosting vst's when used as a plugin like R11 is supposed to have I get conflicting answers from the people over at the Reasontalk forum. Some get it confused with Reason as a Rewire slave and say that as a slave no Rewire entity will host vst's. They're still not able to grok Reason as a plugin in a daw and what would be possible now that Rewire is dead as far as the former Propellerheads are concerned.

I just wish we had some idea of whether they're even giving aax a serious look and if they're not this whole conversation is a moot point.

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