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Default New IMac Day

I ordered my new IMac today... For my Pro Tools 2019..

Hopefully I got it right..

27" Retina 5K Dispaly
3.6GHz 8 Core 9th Gen Intel Ci9 Processor, Turbo Boost up to 5.0GHz
16 GB RAM (will upgrade with 2-32's from OWC)
Radeon Pro 580X w/ 8 GB og GDDR5 memory
Magic Keyboard
Logic Pro X
Apple Care

My local Store wouldn't work with me at all. So I called 1-800-Apple Care. They were extremely helpful & knowledgeable. My Business didn't do anything as far as Discounts. But, my Military Veteran discount got me 10% off.. Expensive but at least I got 10% off.. I'm looking forward to hooking it all up!!!!

My Thanks to all of you who put up with me on my other Threads while I was exploring options.


PS I'm keeping the MBP to run PT as a second Recording Computer. I upgraded to 16 GB RAM.. It works great as is. But will upgrade to 2TB SSD in the near future..

PPSS I'm sure I'll drive you all crazy with more questions in the future.. Thanks in advance!
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