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Default Re: HEAT, NEVE 8048 Listening Challenge

Originally Posted by WernerF View Post
It's cheaper but it is also a bit more subtle. You can't really crunch if out like HEAT.
Well, I didn't find VCC subtle at all. Didn't try HEAT yet so no comparison. But I do have the impression that those are 2 different things.

I tried VCC on 6 or 7 mixes, different styles, that were ready. I placed VCC channel plugin on all channels (SSL mode) and didn't tweek it. And placed VCC buss plugin on the drum buss and on the 2-buss as well.

ALL mixes had an instantaneous improvment on image and depth. It's like WOW! The high frequency seems a little pushed so that may influence on this. But, for me, the most impressive thing is what happens to the bass. It just sit tight, and glue the mix in a very nice way.

I mix at very conservative levels (K-20) but I also tried to reach the 2-buss harder to see what happens and it really does respond different, in a very nice way, when you pushed it.

Anyway, don't want to change the subject of this thread. Will try HEAT and see how it goes too.

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