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Default Re: Free mix workshop...

Well I have to say, that came along at the right time..... I’ve mostly been an upto to demo kinda guy and was waiting until I started getting my head around PT comfortably before moving into the mastering area. This course certainly starts to give you an idea of where to start, and some important why/how’s to take on board and few nifty tricks he likes to use with s bit where and why.

Got heaps from this course plus a few plugs which are conveniently at the bottom of the page to buy, I’d say the course is part sales pitch but then it is on Waves site. But hey seeing a real pro using plugs and more importantly how he’s using them and why is a great help to a practical style learner I am. I also found the Q&A section just as great because it allowed folks watching the original live stream to post q’s that dug deeper into what he was doing and he realy broke it down for you.
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