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Default Re: a plugin to check your mix in mono

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Back in 80's we used to solder L+R together in Y-cable when we used subs (for mono). Then added coil and capacitor between amp and speaker (for lowpass filter). I bet this is mostly lost art nowadays...
In the 80s I was a teenager sneaking into my sister’s room and borrowing her cassette deck and I was connecting that plus my little keyboard to the stereo on the lounge room. Basically I came up with this way of layering multiple parts to make a recording.

In later years I found out this is how it all started way back when and it was commonly called “sound on sound” recording.

Man self discovery rocks.

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Best if your monitor controller just had the mono button
Yeah, not many of have the luxury of one of those, though.
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