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Default Re: Eleven Rack with Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro

I have the same set-up. the GCP is touchy and I am not sure I can answer your questions accuratly, I would recommend downloading the manual. There are a couple of modes you can put the GCP in and this may be your issue. Make sure you're mapping the correct MIDI channel to the correct Midi input on the 11R and that the 11R is not locked for programming. I have ben using mine live for about a year and it works very well. I tend to set up my presets in their entirety and just step through them for different tones. I do turn off certain elements in the chain with the individual switches from time to time as well.
The frustrating part of the GCP is it doesnt' receive midi programming from the 11R well- it's always "in-charge" of the set-up.

Good luck with this. sorry to not be much help- but I've been there are it's doable with some poking around.
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