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Default Re: You Do Not Have Appropriate Access Privileges (1)...

I do run Avid Media Composer, but it is not registered with the iLok. i use a different license process with Media Composer. Avid Pro Tools is registered with ilok.

I do not attempt to start Pro Tools without plugging in the ilok.

Yes, I have the latest version of the ilok license manager. I downloaded the latest version of the iLok license manager and installed it on my iMac, synchronized it, and it looks okay.

I installed the same version on my laptop, synchronized it with the account I have on, and Pro Tools starts and runs.

On my iMac, despite doing all this, (installing the latest version of ilok, and synchronizing), Pro Tools still does not run.

Yes, I have an ilok2; otherwise Pro Tools would not run on my laptop (a Macbook Pro).

I should also note that I did a PRAM reset (no luck), and started the iMac in safe mode, but still no progress.

As for the co-install issues mentioned, MC and PT were working on the iMac but unfortunately, not anymore. But both are working and starting on the Mac Book Pro (late 2013 and Yosemite 10.10.3). I guess I could uninstall MC (it needs an update to 8.4 anyway), and PT and then install PT, then install MC 8.4....

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