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Default Re: General questions / advice solicited

Thank you! I apologize for not having more specific information on my configuration. I didn't want to be long-winded, but I am actually doing some legwork for my son - I am not the user of this software.

To the best of my knowledge it is Pro Tools Express 10.3, MBox Mini (3rd Generation). The Mac computer is not a new one, but a 2011 MacBook Pro, which is an i7, so I am happy to hear that that model is preferred. I will be setting up the Macbook Pro and then delivering it to him. (He lives in another city).

So, I do not currently have access to his PC computer with the existing Pro Tools installation. I realize without specific configuration details I cannot expect specific answers... but I would be happy if I could just confirm that the existing license for Pro Tools Express will allow me to install the software on the MacBook.

In addition it would save me time to know if I need the iLok USB key to perform the installation.

Thanks for taking the time to help!
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