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Default Re: Hip Hop Specific...

You could alternatively go for an AKAI S5000 sampler which are dirt cheap on ebay these days. You can use AK.SYS software to control them almost as if they were a plugin. So easy to use.

MPCs are popular for Hip Hop people for a number of reasons, but one of the reasons is that sound. There is undoubtedly the punch and sonic nature of these AKAI machines which make them popular for that genre of music. Of course the MPCs also have the pads which are popular, but you could get the AKAI MPD16 pads alone, which when using in conjunction with an S5000 gives you an MPC setup for much less than the cost of an MPC.

Mind you, there are other features as well which make MPCs so suitable for Hip Hop, such as the legendary shufflng patterns, and stuff like that. I have never used an MPC myself, but I do have an S5000 which is great.

Oh, just re-read your original post. If it's one box solution, then it would have to be an MPC.

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