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Default Re: 2" Transfer into 192--the original timeless classic. Accept no imitations...

Originally posted by The Eggman:
Ah, in this regard, I stand corrected. Yes, MM did say that it "sounded" like it was down 6db@50hz, not that he tested that specifically. I apologize for the misquoting of his remarks.

Rudy Van Gelder was a great engineer. Good call there,'s possible you have some knowledge in our industry after all. At least your history knowledge is coming along.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">You obviously have no clue to what I know, but that is not important to the validity of my statements.
Your 'industry' is not the same as mine, in concept, judging from your posts and replies.

Now, stay on topic, leave out all the slurs (bonehead, idiot, etc) and we might be able to get somewhere. Especially if you call your Emporer to ask where and when the test will be undertaken, so we can really see what's up with HD and low end.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">What a hippocritical statement.
Sheesh! What a troll you are, BTW that is an accurate assessment, not a slur.

Boneheads and idiots are the ones who keep coming back to this thread and posting muddying drivel and troll bait, opening old side issues to divert the natural direction the posts are taking.
Apparently, you qualify.

You don't like MM, we get it... move on...
make your own thread about that if you wish.

Repeat: Sheesh
We now have 2 generations that believe CD's are the best in audio reproduction. - Rupert Neve
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