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Default Re: Commands focus mode???

It's missing in PT LE as well! I couldn't believe it! This feature was enabled when I learned PT on a TDM system. So when I bought PT LE I found that it wasn't the product I expected. Eg I would constantly use the 'n' key on TDM systems. Now I have to go to the prefs each time I want to switch mode for the space bar. This is like having to open the hood each time you want to switch between brake and hand brake mode on your car! On other programs you can use eg '0' on the keypad for one of the modes and 'Enter' for the other! Just like you have a seperate handle and pedal for the brakes on your car. (The workaround I've found for this particular problem is pressing the down arrow key before you hit space). With a lot of hard mental training I was able to prepare my mind for the missing TC ruler - which also totally sucks - but I admit that missing CMF was a shock. I thought I had done a decent research job, but I overlooked something. (I suppose I should have smelled the rat when I was told that the keyboard stickers only come with the TDM system.)

I suggest we make a list of all the missing features we find in PT FREE and PT LE.I really missed such a list when I was shopping. The term 'fully functional' is hardly adequate.

I guess PT LE and PT FREE are targeted towards people who don't know what they're missing. I think I can sort of understand why the TC ruler is missing, even if I disagree. But CFM is totally within the spirit of PT LE/PT FREE. For the 001 strategy to work the user interface must be as easy as possible to work with. Why disable the feature that set's PT ahead of the rest??!

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