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Default Re: Pro Tools is very Good BUT

as a composer/ musician... and now mix engineer, recording etc.. I followed a typical arc of learning/ recording [4track cassette on up]
PT is still a nice clean solid layout to route and wrangle AUDIO.. after 20+years I know it.. but.. It is so fing Buggy sometimes..

13% cpu and -9xxx errors.. I have a SUPER cleaned INSTALL from this summer 12 core TCan 64g ram. .minimal programs.. no wifi.. BUt this tightrope SHOULD NOT be even thought about..

at this LATE stage in Computerworld..PT is still a beeatch.. and when its finally rolling along.. its like "Dont mention Ze war!" ie : dont even breathe on it! lol

I also use ableton a lot.. as its kind of a break from PT and "modern" music kind of pours out of it at quite a clip. BUT to finish important non cotton candy style music I feel PT is the finish line for ME.

Funnily watching a JJPuig vid with WHuart.. at the very end he JJP says "Ableton is the Best sounding DAW out there"...Hmm coming from a tweaker of the highest order interesting.. hearing that on an online forum It wouldnt even register..but hey JJP..

at 42:38 in.. he says it : ]
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