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Default Re: Who invented the dynamic EQ

Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
Yes, a de-esser is a dynamic EQ, but I would argue that to be considered a modern-day dynamic EQ, it would need to be able to do both upwards and downwards compression/expansion.
I dont consider a de-esser a dynamic EQ. A de-esser is a compressor driven by an EQd side chain. Which is different. Meaning is compressing a pre determined frequency range, determined by the sidechain source, that in the case of a plugin, has an EQ built in for that purpose, for filtering what you want to be compressed in the input material. A multiband compressor may also act as a de-esser on the offending frequencies, provided you set the crossovers at the right points, but is not a dynamic EQ either.

In most dynamic EQs that Ive worked with, you have a threshold that determines when the EQ curve will start to be boosted or cut depending on the setting, but despite you having a cut or boost at the chosen frequency curves, you dont have a compression ratio, which is one of the basic principles of compression. So youre just cutting or boosting as in a normal EQ, with the difference that the process is automated by the threshold, with some plugins also having an attack and release setting etc.

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