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Default Re: ProTools not optimized for your Mac warning

Originally Posted by thefinallap View Post
Despite not being supported, ProTools 2018.10.0 works flawlessly on my new generation MacMini. (I had no choice with Mojave)

That said, I occasionally get the "ProTools not optimized for your Mac warning" so something is not fully 64 bit. Is it a plugin, the main app, helper app?



ProTools 2018.10.0
MacMini i7
It's not PT causing the warning. It could be a plugin that's not 64 bit (what plugins are you running?). Move all 3rd party plugins to the unused plugins folder when PT isn't running and restart PT. You could have a problem if you have something on your machine that requires Rosetta and that hasn't been supported in OSX for quite a while.
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