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Default Re: Laptop Daw Win 7 Advices Welcome

So Win 7 is not supported after PT 12. something(5 maybe?) so the only way to get it to work is to install the version that is supported and application manager to update through to get to latest version(if you try to install directly without AppMan it will give you an upgrade OS error and wont install). If you can possibly find something with a dual hard drive setup you will have better operation. It kinda goes without saying that SSD are more or less required, especially if you are trying to record to a single drive. The fastest non turbo/overclocked processor and most memory(8 gig sorta works 16 is good, more would be best but its hard to find a laptop chipset that will run more than 16. A good fan for the processor ventialtion (since optimization will have you shut off the processor sleep its going to run hotter)You might check the build threads for links to pro builders and their recommendations , etc. I have two laptops running Win 7 and PT 2018.10 so it can be done. They do have limitations though so dont expect them to live up to desktop performance.
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