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Default Re: Waves Studiorack

Originally Posted by rexcee View Post
I don't understand either if I need to have some kind of hardware or if will work for grouping plugins and settings as a channel strip, as the VMR (if someday become true)
I think it does 'the rack thing' like VMR promises to do. Not sure I'm even keen on this as it sounds like there are a number of disadvantages to offset any benefits. Waves' Soundgrid hardware is required for the DSP aspects or Studiorack, including I think, some level of integration e.g. with HDX.

In the case of Slate, I wonder if part of the rationale for them may be some common code to help them develop new products ... yet there are many who refuse to use the T-Racks or Guitar Rig equivalents and were relieved when T-Racks released standalone versions of their plugins! I hope that VCC will arrive soon as a normal AAX64 plugin, like we purchased originally, and not in the VMR rack!

Steven posts quite regularly over on Gearslutz but only rarely hear, where the main AAX community hangs out ... so Steven; if you're reading, any news would be welcomed!
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