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Default Re: Waves Studiorack

From Waves -

StudioRack is a software rack designed to run plugin chains, giving you the choice of directing the processing to a SoundGrid DSP server or to your host computerís CPU. When processing your plugin chains on SoundGrid, StudioRack lets you monitor your tracks in low latency via the eMotion ST Mixer. Compatible with most popular hosts, StudioRack has a dedicated component for Pro Tools TDM and HDX systems, giving you access to both Avid and Waves offload capabilities.

* Compatible with most native DAWs
* Bridges Pro Tools HD and HDX DSP with the SoundGrid DSP server in order to process plugins in low latency while recording
* Compatible with Waves and third-party plugins
* Plugin chains used for low-latency monitoring are instantly available for mixing as wellUp to 8 plugins per rack
* Fully automatable
* Presets for plugin chains can be saved to and loaded from any DAW
* Quick access to plugin parameters within your chain
* Intuitive MIDI control over all plugins
* Avid Control Surface support
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