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Default error: missing ilok authorization for pro tools 9. please insert the necessary ilok..

After I installed the new update for pro tools 9.0.3 and restarted my computer it showed this error.

things I have tried:
-re-installing: pt9 and ilok drivers
-I have switched usb ports
-I have done the whole optimize your computer for pro tools thing
-I have verified that my ilok is working because when i switch to my laptop it works perfectly (also windows 7)

what im working with:
-windows 7
-hp pavilion, it has 4g ram
-m-audio fast track
-m-audio axiam 25 (1st gen)
-korg nonokontrol

so hears the weird thing, when the computer is not connected to the internet I get this error, but when I am connected to the internet everything just works.. and I know this should not be the case soo.. anybody know how i can get my ilok to be recognized by pro tools without having to be connected to the internet?
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