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Default Re: Best Core 2 Series Desktops-Results and Specs

Originally Posted by audiogeekzine View Post
Just popping in to say I've got about 150 Dverbs in PT8, it was 220 in 7.4
That was stable tone for 5 minutes, cpu load 92%.
I likely wouldn't push it beyond that in a session because it's unbearably slow to use.

I don't think I've done the test since upgrading. Does that seem about right with the new dverb?

oh yeah, it really doesn't like when you try to max out the ram usage. I put in about 80 instances of Boom exceeding 2.87GB of RAM but only about 15% CPU.
It wouldn't let me use the insert slots or the hotkeys to disable the plugins, I had to delete tracks. Even after that I was having GUI problems.

Fun stuff!
I remember I got 96 Dverbs (on 1024 Buffer) and 54 (on 64 Buffer) in PT 8 LE with my C2D E6750 2.66Ghz (Stock). Core 2 Duo' ain't powerful enough to handle FX and VIs in PT8...

... That's why I ordered my i7 Monster yesterday
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