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Default Re: DVD 5.1 sound thru Digi002 on OSX - help!!!!!

It isn't so simple, as a DVD is encoded in either Dolby Digital or DTS, and thus requires a decoder, which the 002 does not. I am experiencing this same problem where I work, and we are going to go the outboard DVD player running into the pro tools in (we have an HD system, but for this it doesn't make much difference)

The only other way I can think of doing this, is to somehow use the optical port on our G5 (if you don't have a G5, this doesn't apply to you) and plug that output into the optical input of the interface. Not sure if the optical cable carries the already decoded signal (I seriously doubt it) but it's worth a shot.

Just bite the bullet and get a standalone DVD player. The bright side is that you will have less "hours" on your computer's DVD drive.
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