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Default Re: Macbook Pro backup before repair

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
I think you need to format the whole drive as APFS to begin with, then you have the master container which can have several other APFS containers in it. It is just the same as partitioning, but APFS has introduced new terminology which causes confusion.

Also very confusing you can have a dozen 2TB containers (partitions) on 2TB APFS drive, as long as the used space combined fits in the master container; it is shared among all of its volumes.

Just try formatting it again, perhaps there is some fluke that requires you to "erase" your existing partition before you succeed to format APFS.
Well, weirdly, I did format the drive as APFS to begin with. I mean that's what I chose in the options. I did it right, but it turned into something else. I did it several times and it would never let me "partition" it, nor did it give the dialogue box for adding a new APFS volume.

When erasing / formatting I chose APFS and GUID partition map. That's consistent with the internal disk.

This has me annoyed and / or amused, so I'm actually going to erase the drive and do it again to see if I missed something.
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