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Default Re: Macbook Pro backup before repair

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
APFS changes that a bit. You can create a "container" that may grow to a terabyte but only consume a gigabyte to begin with
It didn’t format as APFS for some reason, although I chose that. It formatted as Mac OS Extened (journaled). That is apparently the recommendation for spinning platter disks, although it says either are acceptable. But it won’t partition.

The backup works as a boot volume, though. But when it’s mounted not as boot volume , the applications don’t appear. I’m not sure what’s going on with it.

I know that I was trying to not blow away an entire 2 TB drive for a 500Gig backup.

Any ideas on how to do it again? I was choosing APFS and trying to partition before running ccc, it wouldn’t do it, so I figured I would just format it APFS, make the clone, and then add a volume, but it somehow turned into MacOS Extended (journaled) and it won’t partition. The “hidden” volume is there, though, btw.

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