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Default First Fader of Artist Mix is stuck to whatever Dock fader is

I am extremely frustrated...
I have 4 Artists Mixes/PT Control and a Dock.
I have had them for years and I have used them without any major issues for years. Today I suddenly ran into a problem I have not encountered before and if that I accidentally enabled some weird setting I certainly have not been able to turn it off, I tried all I can.

In a nutshell, since today the first fader of the most left Artist Mix is assigned to the dock fader. If I turn that artist mix off, the next most left artist mix's first fader inherits the Dock fader.

I reset every setting in eucon, it does not matter what type of track is selected. Whatever functional the dock fader has the most left fader on the artist mix inherits.

I did cold boots, no change.

Is that some sort of setting I accidentally turned on and how in the world do I turn it off? Or did something get corrupted in that case how which files do I need to trash? The only thing I have not done is to reinstall eucon. I am in the middle of a mix and I have a deadline, I really don't want to have to rebuild.

Any help?
I am also going to open a ticket with avid support, but usually these things get resolved here faster.

I am running the current versions of PT Ultimate and Eucon ( 19.7)
PT Ultimate 2019.5
Wavelab Pro 9.5
UAD Satellite Octo Thunderbolt,
Apollo Twin Duo,
HDX Card running in Sonnet TB3 expansion box,
2x Avid I/O Analog 16/16,
4x Artist Mix, Avid Dock, PT Control,
Mac Mini 2018 32gig ram 1 TB SSD 6 Core running Mojave,
lots of outboard gear
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