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Default HDX Omni Makes Digital Distortion in Mirror Mode

So I was troubleshooting a board I have, where there is D25 connector from the omni that breaks out to eight xlr cables going to the board. I noticed the left side of the mix would drop in and out. To rule out the board, I connected the TRS Mirror outputs directly to my amp bypassing the board. When I Click TRS Mirror for outputs 1-2, I get a horrible digital distortion sound, like a feedback. I then tried TRS for outputs 7-8, this works sometimes and sometimes same distortion. If I uncheck the Mirror option, distortion stops. The DB 25 pin connector is still connected to board in question. I can see the inputs LEDs going crazy on the board, which tells me the DB25 is still sending the digital distortion to the board. I don't hear it, because my board is now disconnected from amp. The only thing that is going directly to the amp is the TRS outputs of Omni.
This just started, never happened before. I've tried restarting computer and Omni, which stops it temporarily, until you try the mirroring again.

Any ideas? Has anyone had this happen using the TRS mirror option on setups?
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