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Default iMac and 002r problem, pt10.2

I have a new iMac running 10.7.4, pt 10.2 and all current driver updates. The green status light on my 002r keeps blinking and the hardware doesn't link up. This machine is boot camped and the 002r and pt run fine on the windows7 partition. I also have an new mbox mini (NOT connected at the same time) that runs fine on both partitions. Anyone else having a similar problem? The easy fix of course is to only run on the w7 partition but i'd like to run on the mac side.
I am new to Mac so it could be something simple that I have overlooked.
Any help gratefully accepted.

iMac i7
8gb internal
os x 10.7.4 and win7 dual boot
digi 002r and or mbox mini
many removable drives
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