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Default digital out for monitoring

Hello everyone,

I wish to send digital output from my 002 to my Rosetta 200 for better D/A conversion. I have attempted to wire and configure for this, but have not succeeded in getting it to work.

I have been able to successfully get analog audio coming into the Rosetta to output and play through my monitors, which are connected through the analog outs of the Rosetta. So I know that the Rosetta is working properly in that respect.

But I have not been able to get sound out of the monitors when the input of the Rosetta is digital from the 002.

I tried following the reference guide for the Rosetta, but I was confused a little by its lack of thorough explanation (there is no explicit instructions for this type of configuration).

So my questions are:

Could anyone provide a step-by-step set-up for digital out of 002 to the Rosetta digital in, then output through Rosetta's analog outputs?

Should I use SDIF or ADAT out of the 002?

Should the master clock be the 002 or the Rosetta for DA conversion?

Will the LED meters on the Rosetta show levels for digital in signals (I did not have my monitors on during all of my testing because I did not want to harm them by a hot signal, I was looking for LED meter readings before turning the monitors on to make sure the signal was going out)?

Does the output of the Master Fader need to be set to SPDIF instead of Main Out?

Thanks so much, in advance, if you are able to answer any one or all of my questions!
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