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Default Anyone running two Red4/8/16 units with HD Native?

I'm about to buy a Focusrite Red 8Pre to use with HD Native, with an eye to adding maybe a Red 16Line in the future.

I know that the Digilink ports on the red line interfaces are both Primary ports and will carry 64 channels between the two of them, with each carrying 32 channels. But that 64 channels includes the 32 channels of Dante inputs on each interface as well as the analog/digital inputs.

If the HD Native card is connected to the two different Red interfaces, that should allow me to get at least 48 channels at a time into Protools Ultimate at 96k, and 64 channels at 48k: using multiple 8 channel ADAT and analog mic preamp strips.

I know this works with a Red 4Pre and an HD32R to get 64 channels into Protools from an existing Dante network. So I assume it should also work the other way around by using the onboard analog and digital i/o on the Red units.

(And yes, this will also allow me to run a full 64 channels into Protools from Dante, by repatching the i/o from the Red units.)
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