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Default Restoring tracks - what's going on?

I'm putting this here as it's happened across PT 11.3.1, 11.3.2 and 2019.6.

When I open sessions I'll see message on the screen that PT is restoring tracks and usually no big deal. Every so often it'll happen where it takes a real long time to restore a track or tracks but it always restores and the session plays just fine.

It's happened on my old iMac system and my current setup with the 2012 cheesegrater. Different cpus (3.4 GHz quad core i7 in the iMac and 3.46 GHz hex core in the cheesegrater). Plenty of ram in both machines. Happens whether the session is on the system drive or separate drive the latter being my usual way of working when not troubleshooting. Big sessions aren't always an issue as I've had 90+ track sessions with mixed audio and unrendered vi's load up quickly but smaller less than 20 track session take enough time I can go make a cup of Earl Grey.

I can close a session that takes a long time to restore it's tracks, quit PT, reopen that same session right away and it still takes a long time to restore tracks. Nothing spectacular in the way of plugins; mostly compression on busses and reverb on an aux with sends to said aux.

So you can see there's nothing much in common except for PT and even then it happens across different versions. Daw not online and no wireless going on. Drives don't sleep nor does the machine.

The question becomes: what is going on when PT is restoring tracks? Is this happening for others? Or is it another one of those 'nature of the beast' things
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