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Default Lost files in ProTools 9 over the years

Hi there guys/girls,

Quick story here, and sorry in advance if this is not the correct way to ask these things on this forum. Correct me please. It's been years sinds I've been here.

I'm in a band with my father and 2 brothers (father is 61 now, I'm 31 atm)
Years ago, as a student, I purchased Protools 9 with all of my savings while all of my other friends were getting a playstation or something like that. My close family and I wrote a full album together on my 'Protools Mac', took this to the studio and recorded a full album with our own original music and it has been put on the market with local succes. So far so good...

Later on, while playing music on a party, someone poured a beer on my mac, and I also lost my iLok in the game. So lost everything from that period... I had to save money and buy a new mac and couldn't open these precious files from that period of my life nevermore because Protools wasn't compatible anymore (that stupid Mac/Protools update). I switched to LogicPro (sorry guys, it came with my mac) and started writing new stuff...
Today I saw there is a free version of protools?
Is there a way to get to these files on my backup disc and just have a go with them after exporting them to another format file so I can read them everywhere besides Protools?
Or am I in the wrong place?
Enlight me please if you want.

Thanks in advance for your kind reply,

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