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Default Upgrade 4.1 Mac Pro to 5.1?

I'm going to 'upgrade' from my current setup (see sig), to a PT10 HDX and to PT11 when it becomes available. On the qualified computers for PT11 it's got Mac Pro Early 2009 4.1 Nehalem in italics indicating it's qualification is pending further testing. I'm considering 'upgrading' my puter to a 5.1 boot rom and installing a couple of 3.33ghz X5680's and compatible memory (24gig 1333 ECC). Here is the link on how to do this, and I'm aware of the IHS issue on dual proc MP's

Mac Pro Firmware Upgrade Utility Released

It seems like a 'no-brainer' to extend the life of my Mac Pro and make it more compatible with PT11 for quite awhile.

What do you think?
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