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Default Re: PT2018 on Multiple Monitors

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
The mix, edit, midi and plugin windows all sit inside the main PT window. I use 2 monitors and the only way I know is to take the main background window across both monitors, and then open edit screen on one side, and mix on the other, which of course can be re-sized however I like with other screens open as well. As far as I know, there's no way to isolate just, say, the edit screen, and slide it over to a second monitor without the main PT host screen there. I've tried doing that (on Win-10), but I don't see any way that can be done as everything must sit inside the PT host screen. And, of course, you can keep any plugin screens open as you wish, limited only by your screen real estate, and slide them whereever you wish them to be.

Kinda what I figured. So many windows-based programs allow sub-windows to be undocked from the main screen. Wonder why PT can't allow this.

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