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Default Re: Routing Audio Out of Transfuser Issue SOLVED!!!!!

Okay, I think I've got this puppy licked thanks to drogan88. If you have Transfuser 2.0 (not the earlier versions), you need to open the Transfuser configuration screen by clicking on the little tool icon on the lower right of the Transfuser window. On that screen, which looks like the inside of a synth...sort of... Make sure the "Optional Aux Outs" switched is ON. The manual is a bit confusing as it says:
When switched On, all of Transfuser’s auxiliary outputs are re-routed to the stereo master output. This may be helpful when troubleshooting complex output routing scenarios, where many aux outputs are being sent to the host application.
That sounds like it means that ON routes the sounds ONLY to the Main output. But that is NOT the case. ON means the Main Output OR a selected Aux output can be made active. OFF means ONLY the Main output is used. To get sound from a module to an aux or audio track in PT, you must make sure the INPUT on the aux or audio track is the same as the OUTPUT of the Transfuser module's output you've selected.

This switch was not present on the earlier versions of Transfuser. For some reason, the default position is OFF, so if you're having the same issue as me [Christopher..ahem!], check this first.

Christopher: I'll bet if you check the system where you said it did have the aux available, I'll bet you'll find the switch is ON, and its OFF on the others.

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