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Default Re: Pro Tools 12 and Rode NT-USB Microphone? (Help)

It must be USB Microphone problem week? With all the posts here. I feel sorry for all the folks frustrated with their USB Microphone issues, but I cannot emphasize this enough, you folks need to start asking for advice before buying crap and inflicting all this pain on yourself. USB microphones are a pretty poor, inflexible choice for people wanting to do serious work. Especially with Pro Tools. There are much better choices of low-end interfaces (with real ASIO drivers) and separate analog mics. Depending on what you want to do (e.g. mix music, track multiple mics, record instruments, etc.) you may well be better off giving up and getting started with different hardware.

But back to actually helping you now...

What do you mean by not working? The mic does not show up as an input option for an audio track? You don’t see an input signal/meter move on that track? You don’t hear anything while recording? When playing back? You need to say exactly what is going on. “Not working” is a useless description.

It might be you are just stumped by basic Pro Tools operation, we can’t tell for sure. How much have you used Pro Tools before?

Pro Tools and some other pro audio apps want ASIO audio devices. Your microphone does not have ASIO drivers so you need to hope you can get by with using ASIO4ALL to wrap the WDM drivers and fake out ASIO. But you should be able to get this to work. Make sure Windows or other apps do *not* have that usb mic selected for anything (as mic input or audio output)—Pro Tools needs to be the only thing trying to use the interface. Make sure The ASIO4ALL setup panel is seeing the USB Mic/has it selected (see the ASIO4ALL documentation) then select that ASIO4ALL device as the playback engine in Pro Tools and you should be set.

But that assumes you know how to then use Pro Tools. If you do not then start with very basic tutorials on YouTube etc. (any version of Pro Tools, but ideally after 9, should be OK). And start by creating an empty session and adding a single stereo audio (not instrument, not midi) track and dragging and dropping a known good mp3 or similar file from your computer onto that track... if the USB mic playback engine is setup properly that sound will play out the headphone port on the USB mic... not you computer speakers. Get this working first before worrying about the mic input.

If you have problems post screen shots of the ASIO4ALL setup screen, Pro Tools Setup>playback engine page, and Setup>IO input, output and bus pages, and the Pro Tools mix window showing the tracks in the session with the input and output IO selectors for the track(s) visible. The screenshots need to be legible enough for us to read the text. And describe exactly what is and is not working as you expect in detail. Ideally if you can post a link to the YouTube tutorial you are following and clearly describe where things fail for you in following that.

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