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Default Re: Various Plugins For Sale Plugin Alliance, Boz Digital, SSL, Eiosis, Slate

Hi Stefane, thank you very much for getting in touch. The Eiosis Air EQ Premium is still available and all I would need for the licence transfer is your email address and your iLok ID.
It is a great and very powerful EQ, does straight forward stereo, mono or mid/side, right side only or left side only. All this can be selected per band and of course the sound quality is great, as you would expect from Fabrice. It is also very easy on the CPU which shows very tight coding.
I would be happy with the payment to be made via paypal if that is something you use?
If yes, I could send a money request or an invoice via paypal but would need your paypal email.
Let me know if you want to go ahead at 70 which is around 120 Canadian Dollar. I will pay the $25 iLok licence transfer fee.
Please let me know your thoughts.
If I am a bit slow in responding it is because over the weekend I am on a short tour with my band in the UK, not sure how the wifi situation is while travelling, but will be back home again Sunday evening.
Kind regards and greetings from London
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