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Default Various Plugins For Sale Plugin Alliance, Boz Digital, SSL, Eiosis, Slate

Hi and hello,

I have now sold quite a few plugins but there are still some bargains to be had.

I am having a clearout of plugins that I have bought over the course of the last couple of years.

I suppose everybody is familiar with having tons of plugins and really only using a few.
I seem to have settled on Fabfilter, SSL and Acustica Audio for most of my work and the rest just takes up harddrive space.
I know I will loose a lot on it but hopefully they will be helpful to someone else.

Here goes

Plugin Alliance ( I will pay the fee for licence transfer)

BX XL V2 (master limiter) 70
Rockrack Pro 40, can be updated to V3 for 29
BX Limiter 50
SPL EQ Rangers 40
Noveltech Character 50
Elysia MusEQ 60
Elysia MPressor 60

Boz Digital ( Boz will charge $15 per licence transfer which I will pay )
The Wall. Limiter, 40
Manic Compressor, 60
Bendeth +10db EQ, 40

SSL Drumstrip 70, I will pay iLok licence transfer

I am happy to consider best offers but it has to be within reason.

Any question please don't hesitate to get in touch

All prices are inclusive licence transfer cost, which I will pay for.



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